Token Distribution

Total Supply 800 Millions OXO

The upper limit for the number of OXOs is set at 800 million.

The coin supply will be provided by the reward distribution in the Proof-of-Stake system.

Staking Rewards
38% for Validators and Stakers
Team Fund
6% for Core Team
Foundation Fund
32% for OXO Foundation
Ecosystem Incentives
6% for Web3 Projects
Marketing Fund
1.25% for Marketing
Public Sale
13.7% for Public Sale
1.8% for PreSale
Seed Fund
1.25% for Seed Investors

OXO Distrubition Table

It will be distributed as a reward within the PoS system for the coin supply.

48,000,000 $OXO (6%) is reserved for OXO Chain core team members. Core team members do not have any $OXO when MainNet opens. Every 6 months for 5 years, 4,800,000 $OXO will be available for the team. Released $OXO in this fund can be locked again if desired. The decision to relock can only be taken by at least ⅔ of the core team members’ votes. $OXO transferred from team funds to a team member is not refundable. Members can use their $OXO as they wish.

Core team members are professionals who have specialized in blockchain and web3 technologies with many years of experience and have actively participated in many projects. The core team has been carefully selected for the success of the OXO Chain network.

OXO.Foundation is to publish the fund details on its website. The Foundation may only use this fund for the following purposes:

  • Selling $OXO as needed for operating expenses,
  • Adding extra rewards to the PoS reward system,
  • Contribute to the Ecosystem Incentive Fund,
  • $OXO as a bonus to development teams,
  • For promotional activities

256,000,000 $OXO (32%) is allocated to be under the control of OXO.Foundation.

When the MainNet opens, only 25,600,000 $OXO (3.2%) will be available. Every 6 months for the next 6 years, 19.2 million $OXO are added to the fund. 

An incentive program will be prepared to support decentralized applications like DeFi, NFT Marketplace and Games on the OXO Chain network. All terms and maximum reward amounts for this program will be announced on Grants web site. Candidate projects will be published in detail on this web site. The Foundation management and $OXO owners choose the winners by consensus.  The Foundation manages a total of 48,000,000 $OXO (6%) for incentives. These rewards will be locked at least for 6 months.

The incentive fund is planned to be distributed within 10 years. The Foundation can support the incentives fund from its own fund when necessary. However, the incentives fund cannot be transferred to another fund.

Reserved for airdrops and promotional activities.

10,000,000 $OXO (1.25%) has been allocated to some private individuals and groups who have made financial contributions to the OXO Chain development process. These coins will be locked for 2 years after the MainNet opens. Names of individuals and groups will be included on the site with their permission.

Staking Portal

You can become a validator candidate or earn OXO by supporting the selection of a validator.