OXO Chain has 21 validators for governance.

These validators are elected by the votes of the OXO holders.

Become a candidate validator

Anyone with at least 10,000 OXOs can become a candidate validator.

Voting Period and Election

OXO holders vote for candidates by staking OXO.

Earn Staking Rewards

Based on stake amount, validator supporters earn rewards.
To become a candidate validator, at least 10.000 OXO self-stakes are required.
The selection is repeated every 24 hours.
Candidates can receive up to 100 times the self-staking amount of votes.
A maximum of 7 validators can be changed in each selection.
Voters and validators are rewarded with OXO according to the special algorithm.

Staking Portal

You can become a validator candidate or earn OXO by supporting the selection of a validator.