Try completely free TestNet!

While preparing your decentralized applications,
you can use test network, which has similar speed to the mainnet.

It's a fast a secure a decentralized a public an eco-friendly blockchain network.

Faster Blockchain
OXO Chain can execute 1100+ transactions per second.
NFT Marketplace
Easy access to digital art with the NFT marketplace.
Block Explorer
Advanced Block explorer for all transactions on the network.
Gaming on Chain
Support the games you develop with the OXO Chain network.
Developer Friendly
Develop web3 applications with detailed documentation.
OXO Dollar
oUSD stablecoin backed by stablecoins.

Faster Chain

OXO Chain has a capacity of 1100+ transactions per second.


Thanks to the bridges established with other Ethereum networks.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts coded with Solidity work thanks to the Ethereum VM.

~1100 tx/sec
~20 tx/sec
~7 tx/sec
Block Time
5 seconds
15 seconds
10 minutes
Transaction Fee
~0.0001 USD
10+ USD
20+ USD

OXO Ecosystem

The OXO Chain ecosystem continues to grow every day. If you are developing a web3 project, do not forget to take part in the OXO network. We support you with our Grands program.

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Ambassador Program

As our ambassador, you can contribute to the OXO ecosystem. Producing Youtube content, writing blogs, creating help documents, making translations, organizing local events, creating graphics, forum and chat moderator. You can be our ambassador with your talents in many subjects. Don’t wait anymore, join us!






Spoken languages
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Token Studio

Do not require coding knowledge to generate and manage tokens. Just click & enjoy.

RPC Nodes

Make the OXO Chain network more visible and accessible with RPC Node support!

Gaming SDK

A software development kit (SDK) for in-game assets to be on the blockchain.

What is OXO Chain?

Staking Portal

You can become a validator candidate or earn OXO by supporting the selection of a validator.